1 Day Sales Courses


In-house courses are delivered at our clients offices or a venue designated by our clients. The benefits to having Salesmindset carry out the training in-house is a more personalised experience with tailored training to your product or service. There is also more individual attention given to those who need more assistance during the training. Please get in contact at info@salesmindset.co.za or click on “View Details” to get a quote.


This 1 day intensive sales mindset course gives trainees significant insight into how neuroscience is being used to develop high performance. They are taught how they can use these same principles to develop a new mental paradigm – mental and emotional disciplines at habits that are designed for high performance.  This is a powerful course that will not only significantly improve your performance in any discipline but change your life.

B2B: Sales Skills:

This 1 day intensive business-to-business sales skills course focuses on developing the critical skills needed to perform at the highest levels in B2B sales including prospecting, building a quality pipeline, establishing buyer-motive, building credibility & trust, negotiating, overcoming objections, closing techniques and much more. If you are currently selling a product or a service to a business then this course is for you.

B2C: Telesales Skills:

This 1 day intensive telesales skills course focuses on the critical skills needed to achieve at the highest levels in telesales including scripts, conversions ratios, reducing resistance, building rapport, communications skills, dealing with objections, upselling, cross selling, and closing techniques and ultimately getting more sales. This course is perfect for anyone currently in telesales or thinking of going in to telesales.

Extreme Prospecting &
New Business Development

This 1 day intensive prospecting & new business development course focuses in on one the most important aspects of sales and includes prospecting, cold calling, sales scripts, setting up appointments, overcoming objections, qualifying leads, building a quality pipeline, pitching, asking the right questions, establishing buyer-motive, uncovering needs, exploring possibilities and much more. This is an absolute must if you are selling a product or service to companies.

Objection Handling, Negotiating
& Closing Techniques

This 1 day intensive course focuses in on some of the most important aspects of closing more sales including objection handling, negotiating and closing techniques. If you are struggling to close sales and you are not sure why then it’s possible you are not uncovering your client’s needs, handling objections, negotiating or closing correctly. This course teaches you everything you need to close more sales today. Salesmindset Salesmindset Salesmindset Salesmindset

Skills & Mindset (Combo)

This 1 day intensive high performance course focuses on those sales people selling directly to an end consumer either face to face, online or telephonically (This is not a telesales course) and deals with both a high performance mindset and the skills needed to achieve the highest levels of performance in B2C sales.