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Salesmindset is a proudly South African sales training and mindset coaching company that was founded with the aim to bring world class sales training to South Africa and the African continent. Thus far we have already exceeded our wildest expectations, having worked with the most incredible companies in South Africa and across 10 other countries in Africa (Including Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Ghana).

Our success thus far is a testament to the quality of the sales courses we run and the specific results they deliver for our clients. Salesmindset is profoundly unique in that we not only provide a range of courses that develop specific sales skills in B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and Call Centre sales environments but we also realise the important role the mindset plays in delivering consistent and sustainable high performance in sales.

Once you start to explore our “All Courses” page you will notice that our two day courses include one full day on developing the high performance mindsets and a full day on developing the specific sales skills relevant to that program.

Trainees may choose from a 2-day B2B sales skills and mindset course, a 2-Day B2C sales skills and mindset course or a 2-day call centre sales skills and mindset course. Alternatively, they may choose a 1-day B2B sales skills, B2C sales skills or call centre sales skills course only. We have also recently extended our training programs to include an Executive Mindset course for senior managers and executives and an Employee Mindset course intended to rapidly improve the performance of employees.

All our 2-day sales courses automatically include our 30-day high performance mindset mentoring program which is designed to support salespeople to deliver the specific outcomes we build into their sales plan during training. The mentoring program holds them accountable to the high-performance disciplines, attitudes and habits, and the specific income generating activities linked to their sales targets.

Dylan Bowen is the founder of Salesmindset and is the sales trainer and mindset coach for the company. He is passionate about helping people and companies grow and his experience in both sales, self-development and training is what really drives the exceptional results our clients get by working with us.

Dylan is an internationally qualified educator with 13 years’ experience in strategic sales, new business development, account management and project management in both local and global organisations. He has also spent 10 years training & coaching salespeople, managers, executives and CEO’s at board level across 15 countries to grow their sales, improve their bottom line and deliver superior results.

Our courses are available in the following formats:

  1. 1) Direct: We come to you and deliver the training at your offices.
  2. 2) Public Courses: We hold courses at public venues, like hotels in JHB and CPT every few months. Keep an eye on our “Public Courses” page for details of when our next public course will be.
  3. 3) Virtual training: Although we believe our training is best delivered face-to-face, with Covid-19 we now offer our courses virtually via MS Teams or Zoom.
  4. 4) Online learning: Our 2021 project is to have all our training courses online in an E-learning platform. Watch this space.

For more information about a specific course please send us an email to info@salesmindset.co.za

We can’t wait for you to join us on one of our courses soon and look forward to supporting you on your exciting journey of growth in the world of sales!

The Art & Science of High Performance in Sales

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