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Salesmindset is a unique concept that has grown out of the recognition and need to help sales people unleash their true potential in a way they never knew was possible.

We discovered that most sales training in South Africa deals primarily with developing skills and almost completely ignores the mindset (beliefs, attitudes, disciplines and habits) that drives high performance.

The world has changed significantly in the last 10 years and we believe in developing both the critical sales skills needed to operate in a modern, fast paced and complex sales environment and the mindset that drives the performance.

There is a quote by the former heavy weight boxing champion George Foreman, who said “It is unfair to refer to Muhammad Ali as the best boxer ever because he is the best athlete ever”. In much the same way we aim to develop sales people into the complete package, sales people that are top performers, industry leaders, trusted strategic advisors, positive influencers, exceptional communicators and have the ability to demonstrate continual value to their clients both before, during and long after the sale, and most importantly to develop sales people who are accountable to themselves by taking responsibility for their own high performance mindset.

We look forward to walking this exciting journey of growth and unlimited potential with you and encourage you to get in touch with us to explore how we can best tailor our programs to meet your needs.

Dylan Bowen



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