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Course Summary

This course is an intensive B2B sales skills and mindset sales course, which empowers salespeople with the knowledge, skills and mindsets necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive business landscape

Never before have salespeople had to deal with so much change and the challenges resulting from an increasing number of competitors in the market place, increasing pressure on profit margins, greater uncertainty and distrust towards salespeople, dealing with multiple stakeholders-makers in the decision-making process, longer sales cycles and a general decline in sales performance being experienced globally.

This course creates absolute clarity about how to navigate and successfully close sales in the context of the change we are experiencing and empowers salespeople with a blueprint for the specific selling skills, personal attributes and mindsets needed to be successful over the next 3-5 years.

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Course Objectives

To empower salespeople with the knowledge, skills and mindset to be able to generate consistent, measurable and predictable revenue in B2B sales in a dynamic and challenging sales landscape

Who should Attend this Course?

If you are selling a product or service to other companies and want to start dominating your industry and take your sales performance and consistency to the next level, then you need to attend this course.

Course Content

Day 1: Building a High Performance Mindset

This is a powerful day that impacts peoples lives and performance in a profound way.

Based on the principles of neuroscience we empower salespeople with the knowledge and tools needed to build the mental and emotional disciplines and habits which support high performance in sales.

They are taught how to overcome the many mental and emotional blocks – like fear of failure, rejection and embarrassment – which often lead to procrastination and inaction in sales.  

They are taught how to overcome the resistance they feel to discomfort and change and how to drive massive action on the activities that cause the most discomfort in sales but also generate the most revenue. 

We help them set new standards and expectations for their performance and which forms a new empowered internal narrative which builds confidence, self esteem and self belief.

Day 2: Developing B2B Sales Skills

This sales program covers sales topics as broad as prospecting and lead generation, new business development, pitching, overcoming objections, demonstrating value, building credibility and trust, establishing product & service differentiation, articulating features & benefits, driving a successful sales process, understanding sales methodology, advanced selling techniques, building a successful sales pipeline, strategic  account management, negotiating and closing techniques to mention a few. Incumbents are also taught how to build their own sales plan. 

All of our 2-day sales courses dedicate a full day to building a high performance mindset.


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30 Day High Performance Mindset Mentoring Program

This course also includes our 30-Day High Performance Mindset Mentoring Program which is self managed and administered by you the client.

The objective of the mentoring program is to provide continued support for salespeople whilst building the high performance disciplines and habits for a period of 30 days. 

The second objective is to hold salespeople accountable to achieving specific outcomes which we build into their sales plans during the training. 

Client Testimonials


“This sales course changed my life, I’m so excited for what is to come”



Karika West

Sales Support Manager - MSC Cruises

“I have attended a number of training courses over the years, and would highly recommend this as the best sales course I have attended to date.”



Pharmascout Technologies

“This is real sales training at its best – professional, powerful and practical – training that will empower you from the ordinary to the extraordinary”

Virgilene Moodley

Sales Director - Isilumko

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