Business-to-Consumer: Skills & Mindset (Combo)

Business-to-Consumer: Skills & Mindset (Combo)

This 1 day intensive high performance course focuses on those sales people selling directly to an end consumer either face to face, online or telephonically (This is not a telesales course) and deals with both a high performance mindset and the skills needed to achieve the highest levels of performance in B2C sales.

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This one day intensive sales course includes both aspects of the 1 day sales mindset course and B2C skills that are not considered call centre or telesales. The morning consists of mindset and is taken from the mindset sales program and the afternoon consists of the skill sets required to achieve the highest levels in B2C sales including understanding B2C sales methodology, understanding the buyer and how the selling landscape has changed in the last 5 years, the anatomy of the high performing B2C sales person, differentiating, creating value, knowing your business case, selling features and benefits, questioning skills, communication skills, driving the sales process, handling objections, creating urgency to buy, building credibility and trust, distinguishing between price and costs, closing techniques, principles of influence and much more.


To provide both a snap shot into what is required from both a mindset and a skills perspective to become a world class performer in B2C sales.

Who should attend?

Everyone in B2C sales that is not in telesales.