B2C: Telesales Skills: Business-to-Consumer

B2C: Telesales Skills: Business-to-Consumer

This 1 day intensive telesales skills course focuses on the critical skills needed to achieve at the highest levels in telesales including scripts, conversions ratios, reducing resistance, building rapport, communications skills, dealing with objections, upselling, cross selling, and closing techniques and ultimately getting more sales. This course is perfect for anyone currently in telesales or thinking of going in to telesales.

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If you are working in an outbound call centre selling a product or service to a consumer then this is the course for you. The course focusses on developing the critical skills needed to close more sales. The buyer and the selling landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, which means that the way the seller interacts with the buyer requires a much broader range of complex skills, insights and level of engagement which they never had before. Technology has been a key driver to these changes with buyers having access to more information than ever before and yet they are also none the wiser about the decisions they should make. So skills like leadership, change management, educating the client, and high levels of EQ are critical attributes needed in sales people today. We not only unpack the anatomy of the successful seller but thoroughly cover the key call centre sales skills needed to be successful at the highest levels in telesales including call planning, scripts, overcoming objections, reducing resistance, communication skills, aligning your intentions to the outcome of the sale, creating urgency, selling features & benefits, selling outcomes, problem solving, establishing buyer motive, selling possibilities, upselling, cross selling, closing techniques and much more.

Salesmindset bridges the gap between theory and the practical application of the concepts, ideas and skills, so that at the end of the training the trainees will have a very clear understanding of how to implement what they have learnt


This course aims to thoroughly develop the key skills needed to achieve at the highest levels in telesales.

Who should attend?

Everyone currently in outbound call centre sales or thinking of going into telesales.