Extreme Prospecting & New Business Development

Extreme Prospecting & New Business Development

This 1 day intensive prospecting & new business development course focuses in on one the most important aspects of sales and includes prospecting, cold calling, sales scripts, setting up appointments, overcoming objections, qualifying leads, building a quality pipeline, pitching, asking the right questions, establishing buyer-motive, uncovering needs, exploring possibilities and much more. This is an absolute must if you are selling a product or service to companies.

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This 1 day intensive course focuses on getting new clients through new business development and we take trainees through the process right from sourcing leads, qualifying leads, identifying high quality “Ideal clients”, cold calling, scripts, conversion ratios, pitching on the phone, overcoming objections, dealing with rejection, overcoming fear, setting up appointments, managing a pipeline, intelligent questioning, building credibility & trust, building rapport, the anatomy of the high performing sales person, stats, ratios, the psychology of interrupting, follow through, emails, voice mails, social selling, linked-in, dominating your industry, building your individual brand, establishing yourself as an industry expert and much more.


The key aim in the program is to teach the lost art of prospecting. This is one of the most critical skills needed to become a world class consistent performer in sales and yet it is the one that is avoided the most.

Who should attend?

An absolute must for anyone who is responsible for picking up the phone in B2B sales and building a pipeline and closing sales. Sales reps, sales consultants, sales, managers, sales executives.