How to Hit 200% Sales Target in 30 Days

Training Course

How to Hit 200% Sales
Target in 30 Days


2 Days

Who Should Attend?

Everyone in Sales


Day 1: Sales Mindset (Non-Optional)
Day 2: Sales Skills – B2B OR Telesales – B2C (Choose an Option)
Includes: 30-Day High Performance Mindset Mentoring Program (Non-Optional) Read More »

How to Hit 200% Sales Target in 30 Days is a powerful 2-day sales training program which focuses on both the mindset needed to drive high-performance in sales and the critical skills necessary to operate in a fast-paced and modern-day sales environment.

The training addresses the deep-seated beliefs, emotional patterns and attitudes at the sub-conscious level which are responsible for many of the choices we make, our actions and ultimately our performance.

The goal is to teach sales people to take responsibility for their thinking by holding themselves accountable for developing the many disciplines and habits necessary to perform at the highest levels in sales. Not only do we set a new framework for what attitudes they should be adopting but how they can build these high-performance disciplines for themselves, so they become habitual.

We recognise that everyone has raw potential and we seek to unlock this potential by removing the emotional and mental obstacles that prevent us from taking action on activities that drive results. The best sales people have developed mental & emotional disciplines and habits that enable them to consistently exceed their target and now we show you how you can too.

The world of sales has changed dramatically in the last 5-10 years and most sales people have failed to adapt to these changes, which is why they are becoming increasingly less effective. Which is why, we seek to also teach the most critical skills needed to perform and succeed in sales today, but also how to execute these skills confidently and with self-belief.

Salesmindset also bridges the gap between theory and the practical application of the concepts, ideas and skills, so that trainees have a clear understanding of how to implement what they have learned in real life.

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The course delivers high-level concepts which requires maximum trainee involvement and includes cutting-edge content, multi-media, exercises (individual and group), experiential learning and role plays.