Objection Handling, Negotiating & Closing Techniques

This 1 day intensive course focuses in on some of the most important aspects of closing more sales including objection handling, negotiating and closing techniques. If you are struggling to close sales and you are not sure why then it’s possible you are not uncovering your client’s needs, handling objections, negotiating or closing correctly. This course teaches you everything you need to close more sales today.

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The course explores the lesser taught skills in the business to business sales process. We take trainees through detailed process of understanding the art of overcoming objections, understanding buyer signals, understanding buyer behaviour and how to respond, how to manage the process of interruption and handle objections or resistance. We also cover in-depth negotiating techniques and the psychology associated with successful negotiating. Then finally we look at some of the most important closing techniques in business to business sales and how you can use them more effectively.


To teach B2B sale people to become more skilled at some of the essential elements of the B2B sales process.

Who should attend?

Anyone in Business to business sales and is wanting to learn the finer art of negotiation, how to handle objections and how to close sales more effectively.