Telesales: How to Hit 200% Sales Target in 30 Days

Salesmindsets premium telesales sales training program (If you are selling a product or service to the end consumer as a call centre agent) is aimed at radically improving sales performance and deals with both the mindset – disciplines, attitudes and habits – and the telesales skills necessary to become a world class sales performer.

Day 1: Sales Mindset: Trainees are taught specific principles in Neuroscience related to thought management and how to manage the outputs in their sales by managing their thinking, emotions, choices and actions. In order to develop a belief system that drives high performance trainees need to learn to override their current limiting beliefs which cause inaction, procrastination, fear and failure and replace these with the disciplines and habits that drive massive outputs in sales. This is a powerful day that establishes the behaviours that drive sustainable performance over the long term.

Day 2: Telesales Sales Skills: Trainees are taught the critical skills needed to operate successfully in a high performance sales call centre. Our objective is to change the agents way of thinking and approach to sales over the phone. We take a deep dive into changing the quality of the conversation with customers so we engage them in a much more mature way.  We cover everything from interrupting prospects, building rapport, the cold calling process, scripts, overcoming objections, cross selling and upselling, building trust and credibility, moving the client to your perception, closing techniques and much more.

30 Day High Performance Mindset Mentoring Program: Trainees follow a 30 day work framework designed to support and reinforce the high performance disciplines and activity levels linked to 200% sales target.

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Day 1: Sales Mindset

Course outline:

Understanding the psychology behind how the sub-conscious mind controls your every decision and action including your sales performance.

Using Neuro-Science and mindset principles to take control of your sales performance.

Understanding Homeostasis and the innate human resistance to change and how to overcome this.

How to rewire your subconscious-mind and establish high-performance disciplines and habits.

Upgrading your mindset to successful thinking.

Understanding how to unlock your full potential.

Building extreme individual accountability for results.

Understanding the power of perception and its ability to influence situations positively.

Identifying the causes of poor performance and what to do about it.

How to develop the key drivers to achieving big results – confidence, self-belief, self-esteem.

Understanding the limitless nature of our potential.

The importance of setting clearly defined goals over the long term, medium term and short term.

Developing our own psychological buy-in to our goals.

Building extreme efficiency and productivity.

Removing the mental and emotional obstacles preventing us from achieving our true potential.

How to trigger our own discomfort to ensure consistent growth and remain out of our comfort zone.

How to think big and break down self-inflicted barriers and limits to performance.

Setting new mental standards and performance expectations – a lesson from the Navy Seals.

A closer look at the 8 mental habits needed for success in sales:









Day 2: Telesales B2C

Understanding the modern buyer:

Defining the high performing sales agent – attributes, qualities and conduct.

Understanding how the modern-day buyer has changed in the last 10 years.

Changing your perception of sales to overcome the fear that prevents you from taking action.

Getting clear on your value proposition (WIIFT) and truly being sold on your product/service.

Understanding the 4 types of buyer behaviour.

Making the call:

Getting clear on your call objective prior to making a call.

Understanding the art of successful interruption.

The 5-step telephone prospecting framework:

The critical importance of the first 30 seconds on the phone.

All you need to know about cold calling scripts, stats and conversion ratios.

Overcoming reflex responses, brush-offs and rejections.

Breaking down buyer resistance by aiming to serve and not sell.

Asking the right questions to diagnose the client’s needs.

The 10-10-80 rule.

How to sell the features and benefits of your product or service.

The importance of demonstrating ongoing value throughout the call.

Why being a product / service expert is so critical to closing your sale?

How to build credibility and trust with your clients as quickly as possible.

The importance of listening and asking the right questions to diagnose your client’s problems.

The art behind influencing your client positively.

The importance of upselling and cross-selling your products or services to clients.

How to get multiple commitments throughout the call to ensure client buy-in.

The 4-step process to dealing with any objection.

Closing the sale.


Voice tone, inflection, pitch and speed.

The importance of body language and facial expressions (even over the phone).

The importance of what you say and how you say it.

Asking for what you want.


How to override the reptilian brains natural fight or flight response in the face of rejection.

Developing mental resilience and dealing with rejection.

The importance of enthusiasm and confidence in telesales.

Targets & outcomes:

How to reverse engineer sales targets by linking targets to your greatest impact activities.

The importance of measuring and tracking your activities.

Learn how to create predictable outcomes in sales including targets and commission.

How to work the power of small percentages to increase profits significantly.