Sales Coaching (Mentoring)

Sales Coaching Programs:

Our courses provide a critical knowledge-platform from which all the coaching thereafter will be delivered, which is why we require all trainees entering our coaching programs to have completed at least one of our sales training courses prior to joining the program.

We coach what we train in our courses and our methodology delivers results! Anyone who has been through our training programs will tell you that our courses are world class and provide the salesperson with the skills and the mindset to practically achieve 200% sales target consistently.

The objective of our coaching programs is to:

1) Support salespeople in the development of their sales skills and mindsets to achieve more sales.
2) Ensure sustainability of their high performance over the long term.

Like any new skill or discipline we learn in life, becoming a world class salesperson requires dedication, commitment and a laser-like focus. Our coaching programs provide sales teams with the one-on-one support, guidance, and mentorship they need during this development and transformation process.

Clients can choose from 3 coaching programs which provide varying levels of support depending on their budget and the frequency and time involvement required.

Choose from one of the following Sales Coaching packages below:

We offer 3 packages over either 6, 12 or 24 months. We want you to consider us an essential part of your business, working closely with your sales teams to optimize their potential and maximise your revenue generation. This is about ROI and joining one of our mentoring programs is the most effective ways to consistently get the best out of your sales teams.

Email our CEO directly for more information at [email protected] on how to join today.

R12,999 per Month ex. VAT

Total of 8 hours personal one-on-one sales coaching per month:

4 x 2-hour one-on-one coaching sessions for groups of between 1 – 5 salespeople.

R16,999 per Month ex. VAT

Total of 12 hours personal one-on-one sales coaching per month:

6 x 2-hour one-on-one coaching sessions for groups between 1- 5 salespeople.

R21,999 per Month ex. VAT

Total of 16 hours personal one-on-one sales coaching per month:

8 x 2-hour one-on-one coaching sessions for groups between 1- 5 salespeople.

All our mentoring sessions will be tailored to the individual needs of the specific individuals in the coaching program, but the ultimate goal of consistently achieving 200% sales target remains constant.

Below are some examples of what may be covered in any coaching session.


– Prospect and target market analysis,
– Pipeline review and analysis,
– Prospecting process analysis – addressing problems, challenges – includes role plays,
– Root cause analysis of sales funnel leakage, churn rate and pipeline processes,
– Market Segmentation of your ideal target market and competitor market share,
– New business development – cold calling, over-coming objections, appointment setting & pitching,
– Account management – Strategic partnership development,
– Cross selling, upselling and maximizing revenue,
– Goals setting and MAP clarity,
– Forecasting and projection,
– Activity levels and skills review.


– Behavioural change support,
– Individual accountability nurturing, 
– Building internal triggers for self-motivation, 
– Maintaining discomfort and the development of new skills and experience. 
– Thought and emotional management and linking this to outcomes in sales.
– Commitment to building new paradigms (beliefs) designed for high performance.
– Overcoming resistance to activities which generate the most revenue.
– Overcoming emotional blocks which prevent us from taking massive action including fear of failure, fear of rejection and overriding the fight or flight response. 
– Dealing with procrastination and distractions and learning to work in the zone. 
– Ensuring commitment to the high-performance habits including discipline, competitiveness, optimism, resourcefulness, resilience, initiative, persistence, accountability and caring.
– Developing and maintaining self-belief, confidence and self-esteem.
– Developing big thinking and shifting expectations beyond the norm.
– Ensuring efficiency and effectiveness throughout the sales process.
– Maintaining intensity and focus during the process called sales.

The Art & Science of High Performance in Sales

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