Sales Mindset

Training Course

Sales Mindset


1 Day (Intensive)

Who Should Attend?

Everyone in Sales


Salesmindset recognises the importance of teaching mindset as a critical component to building sustainable high performance over the long term. This training program deals with the deep-seated beliefs, emotional patterns and attitudes in our subconscious that drives all our decision-making, actions and performance. We teach trainees how to unlock their raw potential and empower themselves with the understanding that enables them to take back the control of their performance and develop the mental, emotional and behavioural disciplines and habits that will ensure they exceed their targets consistently.


  • Understanding the psychology behind how the sub-conscious mind controls your every decision and action including your sales performance.
  • Using neuro science and mindset principles to take control of your own performance.
  • Understanding the innate human resistance to change and how we can overcome this.
  • How to rewire your subconscious to set you up for high performance.
  • The importance of disciplines and habits in forming a new mental paradigm.
  • Upgrading your mindset to successful thinking.
  • Understanding how to unlock your full potential.
  • Understanding the power of perception and its ability to influence situations positively.
  • Identifying the causes of poor performance and what to do about it.
  • How to develop the key drivers to achieving big results – confidence, self-belief, self-esteem.
  • Understanding the limitless nature of our potential.
  • The importance of setting clearly defined goals over the long term, medium term and short term.
  • Getting your sub conscious to buy into your goals.
  • How to become extremely efficient and effective.
  • Identifying and removing the mental and emotional obstacles preventing you achieving at your true potential.
  • How to 10 x dominate in your industry and not just compete.
  • Triggering discomfort to ensure individual growth and consistent results.
  • Understanding the building blocks necessary for high performance.
  • Setting new mental standards and performance expectations – a lesson from the Navy Seals.

A Closer Look at the 8 Critical Mental Habits Needed for Success in Sales:

  • Self-Discipline: “Me Management”
  • Optimism: A Positive mental attitude
  • Caring: The desire to help others
  • Competitiveness: A burning desire to be the best and dominate
  • Resourcefulness: Find a way or make one
  • Initiative: Taking action before it is necessary
  • Persistence: NEVER giving up
  • Accountability: Developing 100% individual responsibility


The course delivers high-level concepts which requires maximum trainee involvement and includes cutting-edge content, multi-media, exercises (individual and group), experiential learning and role plays.