Train the Trainer

Many of our clients, who have trainers within their teams, don’t necessarily come from a sales background and aren’t equipped or confident enough to clearly communicate the complex sales concepts and skills required for such a specialised and important function within a company.

Sales generates revenue and it is essential that salespeople get access to not only the best sales training available but that the facilitators are highly skilled and equipped to be able to translate these concepts and ideas in a profound way that delivers effectual results for the company.

Salesmindset offers a unique train-the-trainer program where we teach trainers & facilitators how to coach sales properly to their sales teams. The first step is for trainers to go through one of our relevant courses and then we teach them how to coach this content to their sales teams. We spend a whole day taking them through a systematic process giving them the in-depth understanding of the content and how to best deliver the content in a thorough, professional and practical way. Not anyone can teach what we teach or how we teach it and that’s why we are looking for innovative ways to empower companies who want to be more independent and be able to do it themselves.

Please email us for more details on our sales train-the-trainer course at

Please note, going through our train the trainer course, does not include ownership of our training material in any way, it simply allows the trainers to better coach and mentor their teams on our concepts and sales methodologies and processes related to high performance in sales.

We do sell our IP (Intellectual property) including our courses which will allow companies to own and use our training material indefinitely, and you may request a quote to own any of our courses at

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