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The Art & Science of High Performance in Sales


“Within 30 Days of following the Salesmindset Sales Training Course,  Bidvest Car rentals increased their sales by 24% in one month”

Michelle Van Antwerp, Regional Sales Manager, Bidvest Car Rentals

“What a magnificent training program. Your course was presented so professionally…I have seen few speakers that are able to present with the same vigor and passion for such long periods of time.”

Benjamin Botha, Client Services Executive, Richem

“I have attended a number of training courses over the years, and would highly recommend this as the best sales course I have attended to date”

Doug Siepman, CEO, Pharmascout Technologies

“This is real sales training at its best – professional, powerful and practical – training that will transform you from the ordinary into the extraordinary”

Virgilene Moodley, General Manager, Isilumko Staffing


Salesmindset is proud to offer the most comprehensive and unique sales mindset and skills programs in South Africa. With rapid developments in neuroscience over the last 10 years, it is clear that almost all performance is driven by our belief system at the subconscious level, and in essence operates like a life script running over and over in our lives generating the same results consistently.

At Salesmindset we teach you how to take control of your results by not only developing the skill sets needed to perform at the highest levels in sales but how to develop a new set of mental habits, disciplines and attitudes at the sub conscious level that drive high performance sustainably over the long term.



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The Art & Science of High Performance in Sales

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