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“Salesmindset is a sales training company, offering a range of professional B2B and B2C sales and high performance mindset courses.

Our mission is to help salespeople and companies grow their sales quickly and sustainably and adapt to change so they can realise their full potential. 

We believe in building sales performance by developing both the practical B2B or B2C selling skills and building the high performance mindsets – disciplines, attitudes and habits – which drive the right behaviours and outcomes in sales”   

Dylan Bowen, CEO Salesmindset


Dylan Bowen Facilitating sales training

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If you are Ready to take your Sales to the Next Level then View our Range of 1 & 2-Day B2B & B2C Sales Skills & Mindset Courses

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Our exceptional B2B and B2C sales skills and mindset courses are designed to grow your sales performance quickly and sustainably.

We incorporate the very best methodologies such as consultative selling, value-based selling, solution selling, and relationship selling to bring you the very best sales methodologies.

We also harness the power of Psychology and Neuroscience to empower salespeople with the knowledge and tools to overcome the fear and discomfort associated with solving problems, dealing with change and taking action on the “hard stuff” which generates revenue.

We offer professional sales training with a range of  one-day sales skills courses or our two-day sales skills and high performance mindset programs, all of which are meticulously crafted, practical and delivered with passion and clarity.

By the end of our sales courses, trainees will possess a clear and precise understanding of how to execute their sales process with unwavering  accuracy and confidence

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23 & 24 MAY 2024 – Sandton, Johannesburg

This powerful Face-to-Face 2-Day B2B Sales Skills and High Performance Mindset sales course will give you access to a set of B2B selling skills needed to succeed over the next 3-5 years as the future of sales develops right in front of us.

Using principles in Neuroscience we also empower salespeople with the knowledge & tools to build a set of disciplines, attitudes and habits which drive high performance in the worlds top sales performers.

This is a Must Do Course!

23 & 24 May 2024 in Sandton, Johannesburg

LIVE EVENT - BOOK NOW 2-Day B2B Selling Skills & Mindset


This is a powerful 2 day course that empowers salespeople with the knowledge, skills and the tools to win more deals and  consistently drive predictable revenue.

You'll learn how move prospects through a sales process, navigate complex buying processes, and close deals quickly.

Using a combination of Psychology and Neuroscience trainees are taught how to build the mental and emotional resilience that drives the right actions and generates the right outcomes in sales. 

Joining this course will not only improve your sales performance but also help you stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market.

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Ignite your Sales Conference for 2024/2025 with a Dynamic & Captivating Keynote Speaker

We will push you out of your comfort zone and equip you with a precise blue print for sales success. 

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If you’re struggling to understand how the world of sales is changing and the kind of skills you need to stay ahead of your competitors then watch this video.

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, the power is shifting from the salesperson to the prospect, where the accessibility to your competitors products and services are more readily available, which means there is more choice and greater confusion about what the right solution is, meaning salespeople are having to work harder and be clearer than ever before about what differentiates them and their value proposition in the market place.

With greater pressure on pricing margins and the need to generate ROI,  customers have become more cautious and risk averse, with companies adding multiple decision-makers to the buying process leading to longer and more complex sales cycles. 

Sales skills that worked yesterday are becoming less effective and a new set of selling skills, personal attributes and mindset are required to ensure your continued success.



Dylan has been fundamental in helping to make our revenue goals achievable and he has left a lasting positive impression on myself and my team.

The result of the training has been nothing short of miraculous

Brent Haumann - Managing Director Title, gives Salesmindset a reference

Brent Hauman


Dylan delivers his training with extreme passion and his knowledge and attention to detail of the entire sales value chain is unrivalled. He has helped us create more sales-minded individuals than we could ever have hoped for and are extremely excited about realising the value of his training in the years to come

Fazlin Swanepole from ASI FInancial Services gives Dylan Bowen a Reference

Fazlin Swanepoel
ASI Financial Services

Within 30 Days of following the Salesmindset Sales Training Course, Bidvest Car rentals increased their sales by 24% in one month.

Reference for Salesmindset

Michelle Van Antwerp
Regional Sales Manager

Bidvest Car Rentals

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