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2-day B2B sales skills & high performance mindset

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Radically improve your sales performance by developing the most critical B2B selling skills and building the high-performance mindsets – disciplines, attitudes and habits needed to thrive in today’s competitive business environment.


Live Face-To-Face Sales Training at a Public Venue

Our Live events are public courses held every few months at a hotel in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Keep an eye out for our next public course near you. 

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2 Day Course Includes

What to expect from this Sales Course

Our live Sales Training events are special

Anyone who has attended one will tell you this sales course has changed their lives and sales performance for the better.  

We keep the groups small – no larger than 15 salespeople – so you will still experience individual attention during the training. The course consists of salespeople with mixed abilities and experience, sales managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners wanting to be better. Each trainee comes from a different background and industry which creates a diversity and richness of experience.

Come & join us and see for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Course Summary

This 2-DAY B2B SALES SKILLS & HIGH-PERFORMANCE MINDSET COURSE is aimed at radically improving sales performance by developing the most critical B2B selling skills and building the high-performance mindsets – disciplines, attitudes and habits needed to successfully thrive in today’s rapidly changing and competitive business environment.

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Trainees are taught specific principles in neuroscience related to thought and emotional management and how taking responsibility for their thinking, emotions and actions are critical to performing consistently at the highest levels in sales.

Trainees learn to identify their limiting beliefs and emotions (such as fear) which lead to inaction and procrastination and how to build mental & emotional resilience which drives the right actions & outcomes in sales.

We believe that building a strong internal ecosystem better prepares you to deal with external challenges.

Salespeople will learn how to overcome resistance to discomfort associated with change and solving problems in sales. They will also understand how the brain uses excuses to ensure they avoid taking action on the “hard tasks” in sales which generate revenue. Salespeople will walk away from this day with a renewed sense of focus, drive and motivation and have the knowledge & tools to continually empower their passion and drive for success.


Trainees are taught the critical B2B selling skills needed to operate in today’s fast-paced and dynamic sales landscape.

We cover topics including lead generation, prospecting, cold calling, handling objections, how to qualify prospects, setting up appointments, demonstrating value, pitching, negotiating and the psychology of how to move a prospects through the sales process and close deals.

This course also covers how to manage a sales pipeline scientifically in order to generate  predictable revenue consistently and finally how to establish yourself as an strategic partner to your clients.

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Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course trainees will be able to:

Day 1: High Performance Mindsets
  • Develop beliefs which support high performance
  • Be able to approach problems as opportunities for growth
  • Be able to identify how the brain uses excuses to trick us into avoiding the discomfort associated with solving problems
  • Be able to overcome procrastination & inaction 
  • Overcome fear of failure, rejection and embarrassment
  • Demonstrate greater confidence and self belief
  • Demonstrate higher levels of emotional intelligence,
  • Demonstrate greater motivation, fortitude, passion, business acumen, optimism and gravitas
  • Operate with a deeper sense of purpose and focus
  • Develop a big-thinking mindset and be able to apply strategic thinking to achieving outcomes
  • Be able to drive massive action with enthusiasm, energy and passion
Day 2: B2B Sales Skills
  • Generate consistent, measurable and predictable sales
  • Increase conversion ratios and sales revenue
  • Be able to reverse engineer 200% sales target
  • Understand how to clearly articulate value in sales
  • Execute confidently and accurately on the key B2B sales skills, such as lead generation, prospecting, handling objections, setting up appointments, pitching and closing sales
  • Easily build rapport by demonstrating credibility & trust
  • Qualify prospects quickly according to intent Vs Interest
  • Demonstrate the principles of influence & move a prospect to a closed sale
  • Manage a sales pipeline scientifically to ensure accurate forecasting
  • Be able to establish themselves as sales leaders

You also Get our 30-Day High Performance Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is a self administered program that all trainees follow after their training and aims to support the trainees with developing the high performance disciplines over a period of 30 days so that they become habitual. The second objective is to hold trainees accountable to specific outcomes linked to 200% sales target.

Salesmindset Mentoring program

Mentoring Program Outcomes


I have attended a number of training courses over the years, and would highly recommend this as the best sales course I have attended.



Pharmascout Technologies

I kept on thinking to myself how you hit the nail on the head and how the course was exactly on point to the needs of my sales team.


Accounts Director
ASL Global

Within 30 Days of following the Salesmindset Sales Training Course, Bidvest Car rentals increased their sales by 24% in one month.

Reference for Salesmindset

Michelle Van Antwerp
Regional Sales Manager

Bidvest Car Rentals

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