Success in Sales begins with Controlling Your Fear

We are the biggest obstacle to our own success in sales!

Controlling your fear is where the struggle takes place and where we can overcome all the obstacles to perform at our best.

The human mind is wired to constantly assess fight or flight – which is why we always play out “what if” scenario’s. Scenarios such as, ”What if my client doesn’t buy from me?” or “what if I don’t hit my target?” or ”what if things don’t go according to plan” or “what if I get rejected on the phone?” Even though 99% of the time these “what if” scenarios don’t come to fruition, we live, act and experience life as if they did, experiencing all the fear and emotions as if it happened. This creates a state of almost constant stress and fear, which prevents us from operating from a positive and optimistic mindset.

One of the major contributing factors to sales people not reaching their full potential is their failure to control and master fear – most of which is conjured up in our heads from the “what if” scenario. It’s an age-old illusion that is at the core of our DNA and is designed to protect us. The challenge is no longer whether a bear is going to eat you, or whether you will be invaded by the neighboring village, but whether you will be rejected, or how you will feel if you give it your all and you still fail, or how you are going to deal with reduced business because of client retrenchments and so the list goes on almost indefinitely.

Great sales people have developed a disciplined set of beliefs and attitudes enabling them to consistently perform well above their targets. They can discipline their thinking and take control of their thoughts by choosing what they think – thereby controlling their emotions, how they feel and their outlook on life. The result is that their experience is very different to someone who is completely overrun by fear-generated thoughts from “What if” scenarios. This doesn’t mean we never feel fear, but we are able to manage and control our fear by channeling our thoughts in the right direction. You need to be able to control your thoughts, rather than allowing yourself to become a victim to them and as a result have them control your daily experience and performance.

Salesmindsets sales skills and mindset courses teach salespeople how to manage their fear by managing their thinking and how this impacts ones emotions, which become the driver of so many behaviours and outcomes in performance in sales. We teach not only the “what” you need to do but the we also show salespeople the “how” they need to do it, so they are able to develop the skills to better self-manage their thinking and emotions and therefore their choices, actions and outcomes in sales. Being able to manage ones fear is a great stride to unleashing your real potential as a salesperson. If youre interested in learning more about how we can help you with this feel free to get in touch.

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